Sunday, May 22, 2011

Time Change

You know you're in a different place when you have no idea what time it "really" is.  Or when you can't find punctuation keys on your computer keyboard (I just spent a full minute searching for the " key -- they have it on the opposite side of the keyboard).
We arrived last night (or this morning, or who knows when) after a surprisingly and graciously quick and uneventful flight from Chicago to Heathrow.  Lola and Sophia were stars -- thanks to Ang for going against my better judgment and downloading "Never Say Never," which kept them diverted for at least two hours.  Jack was also a trooper, managing to take a decent nap, be occupied by various trinkets and snacks, and only launch 3 objects into the rows ahead of us.  Our flightmates were all good sports.
We were greeted at the airport by an old family friend who is based out of London.  He helped us navigate the train, then a taxi back to our flat.  The neighborhood, apartment, and overall experience thus far have surpassed anything we'd hoped for.  Our friend told us we're in a "posh" place in a "posh" neighborhood (Posh was the Spice Girl who seemed to be pretty wealthy, so I think that's a positive adjective).
The kids went to bed straight off (3 bedrooms in the heart of London!!!  Thank you Lilly Endowment!!!), Ang and I drifted off just a bit later.  I think that was 3a.m. London time.  I woke up ready to go at 7:30a.m. but the family has slept on.  The floors of this two-story flat (can a flat have two stories?) are pretty creaky, so I've tried to stay still as best as possible to let everyone else rest.
In addition to the friend who fetched us at Heathrow, Liz Kauffman happens to be in London today playing a show.  She's an international pop star :) !  We hope to have her by for tea before she leaves tomorrow.  And our dearly missed Kendall and Erina Ludwig are also here, so we hope they'll help us navigate in the days ahead.  Tonight we plan to attend an evening service at an Anglican church called St. Luke's.  I've been in contact with their vicar, and I'm not sure if he should refer to me likewise, or as rector, the right reverend, or as dude.  I'll sort out my title and get back to you.
So that's a bulletpoint update on our current status.  It's a sunny day in the 60s outside, so I hope the fam wakes up soon so we can venture out of our lodging, down the street to Kensington Gardens, and into the first day of what we trust will be a true adventure.
Miss you all.  And if you're a Trinity-attender, be sure to make it to today's gathering.  Liz Kauffman's husband Mike, in addition to daddying Moses and Atlas in her absence, will be preaching this morning.  Mike always makes me cry.  In a good way.  Hope he has the same effect on you too.


  1. I'd like to introduce, "Posh Pastor." Nice place dude! Glad you and your family are getting to enjoy what looks to be a very relaxing area, back patio is top notch stuff. Enjoying the updates too, thanks.

  2. Thanks for the tour! Hope you and the fam have adjusted after a few days to settle in :)
    Hannah and crew